— Founder's Desk

"Lets Become a hope, Take away the oppression"

After the independence of the nation, our society continuously takes some better steps every day in the effort of betterment. The good effects of the efforts are also visible, but even today, the people of the country, small cities, villages and towns, who are not aware of the basic social values ​​and dominance of their society. I don't even know... how they can they be a part of social betterment. 

This question struck my mind and after that, while searching for the answer, I got a suggestion as an answer: "You should make efforts to make the youth and students aware of the basic social values ​​and authority in your society." After that, the suggestion turned into a mission... Along with his classmates and brothers, he established an organization named Hindustan Awaam Voice & Organization on March 25, 2018.

Since its inception, HAVO has facilitated more than 1.5 lakh socially problem-affected people to solve their problems by developing leadership potential and skills, and it has similarly restored their rights over natural resources and enabled them to manage them. The organization has been working in the social sector for the past many years, especially to prepare youth and students for the betterment of society and innovation. 

HAVO is trying hard to improve the poor health and education system. HAVO is working on many projects, like youth empowerment, education, disaster relief, health, and other projects by playing its role in the society for the purpose of better social reconstruction. When you and we will not make efforts to improve as long as the situation remains the same... Therefore, we youth have a responsibility to all the stakeholders to enable society to adjust itself to the challenges and to resist the unwanted or undesired trend. Be strong enough to lead the people living in your society to a better and brighter future.

My heartfelt thanks to 'Our team members & leaders of the organization' who work with us and help us achieve our mission. Let us join hands in building a better society reconstruction.

— Atiqur Rahman, Founder

(Hindustan Awaam Voice & Organization)