Flood Relief

Bihar, located in the eastern region of India, stands as the most flood-prone state in the country. With 76% of its population residing in North Bihar, this region constantly faces the recurring threat of devastating floods. Covering 16.5% of India's flood-affected area and accounting for 22.1% of its flood-affected population, Bihar suffers immensely from this natural disaster.

In fact, almost half a million people from 28 districts of Bihar are affected by floods every year, including the East & West Champaran district

This district alone experiences yearly flooding which leads to great loss and destruction for its inhabitants. In order to provide relief and support to those affected by these calamities, Team HAVO works tirelessly to ensure that basic necessities such as clean water, food, and medicine are made available to the impacted (communities) areas.

Through this initiative, Team HAVO not only offers physical aid but also provides social, financial, and mental support to help individuals rebuild their lives after facing such adversity. We strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by floods in Bihar and work towards mitigating the effects of this natural disaster on their livelihoods.

Flood Relief Project | 2021 | Disaster Relief

More than 700 flood affected families were helped under the HAVO Flood Relief Project

Relief: 700+ Families — Session: 2022 | JUL